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hosted by the South Sound Story Guild

April 7-9, 2017

FTE 2017 Schedule

Hi Everyone!! Almost time for the retreat! Here's a sneak peek at the views from St. Andrew's House!

Here's the schedule for the weekend.

Friday, the 7th

3:00 pm St Andrew’s OPEN for arrival
5:00 pm Welcome, Greetings and Housekeeping

6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Late Night Story Swap “Nowhere Else But Here”
Stories of your choice; maybe one you’ve always wanted to tell, but never had the right time or place?
(No time limits; we can go as long as people want to stay awake!)

Saturday, the 23rd 

8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Truly Brilliant Activity
Improv games led by OlyImprov

10:00 am Break
10:30 am "Giving Breath to the Story" with Dayton Edmonds

Noon Lunch
1:00 pm Small Group Peer Coaching Session
Break into self-selected groups of 4-5; Each person has one-half hour to present work and receive feedback as desired from other group members.

3:30 pm Uncharted Hours
This is truly the ‘retreat’ portion of the weekend. Do as you like — work on the feedback from small group, develop a story you’ve been (or would like to be) working on; walk the labyrinth, take a hike… play, connect, RELAX!

5:30 pm Making Friends with the Mic
Short hands-on session with Tim Flumerfelt showing tips for using microphones of different types. Quick demo before dinner

6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm “This One’s For You” Story Swap
Share a story that you really want this group to hear.

Sunday, the 24th

8:00 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am Pick Up and Pack Up
Strip beds, pack bags and in general prep for endings.

10:00 am “Feeding the Flames” Story Swap
Share inspiring stories to keep us burning.

11:30 am Brunch
12:30 pm Banking the Coals Last Goodbyes - Traveling On - Depart by 1pm

once upon a time . . .

in a beautiful land along the Hood Canal, story lovers gathered from far and near.
Some had told stories for many years. Some were practicing a new skill. Some just loved to hear a well-spun tale.
Stories and good food and fun were all around. Everyone found exactly what they came looking for. After this retreat
. . . they all lived happily ever after!
Long story short . . . Come join the fun!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 7-9, 2017
St. Andrew’s Retreat House, Union, WA
$225 BUT only $200 before March 1, 2017

What is Fanning the Embers?

A mighty flame follows a tiny spark.
Dante Alighieri
Fanning the Embers: a Northwest Storytelling Retreat
For story lovers in the northwest region, and beyond, Fanning the Embers retreat provides an opportunity to gather informally in a relaxed environment. We share success and quandaries, our dreams and our nightmares, our questions and aspirations. And we share stories! Lots of stories.

Fanning the Embers has become a northwest storytelling tradition. We are sure the 2017 gathering will be as rejuvenating for participants as it has been in years past. Fan the flame and spread the word!
Registration open now!
Download the Registration Form
We hope you will be joining us for this weekend retreat for those interested in storytelling from the NW Region, including British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska and Washington.

The charge of $225* covers two night’s lodging and 6 gourmet meals (dinner Friday evening through lunch on Sunday).

Rooms are shared bunk-bed dormitories with two or more people per room and shared bathrooms with showers. Rooms and beds are on a first come, first served basis. We do our best to accommodate all requests.
*There is an early bird special fee of $200 for those registrations postmarked on or before March 1.

Early Registration
The Retreat has a maximum capacity of 25 participants so early registration is recommended. Registration is complete when the check is received. Registrations will be confirmed by e-mail.